Belgian Blue

Belgian Blue cattle in Denmark

Belgian Blue cow graze at Korsehoved near Lindelse Nor

This website has been created by Birgit and Aksel Rubæk to­geth­er with Alf Thom­sen. The breed­ing of Bel­gian Blues is also a col­labo­ration between them.

Historically, the genes in our live­stock came from the Dutch breed­er Janus Van Der Sande, from the town of Liempde near the Bel­gian border.

Janus, who has now unfortunately passed away, spent a large part of his life breed­ing Bel­gian Blues, based on some very specific require­ments for his live­stock.

He believed that the breed standard should be tall, long-bodied females weighing from 900-1100 kg, with well-shaped udders and plenty of milk for their cal­ves, as the cal­ves are fed from the mother’s teats.

Belgian Blues graze an idyllic area near the south Funen archipelago

He also strived for a short gestation period of no more than nine months, preferably less, and also used only bulls, which were known for siring small cal­ves. For Janus, natural calving was a must and, after many years of intensive breed­ing with a focus on these qualities, he succeeded in producing a breed which calved naturally.

In 2002, Alf Thom­sen bought six live­stock from Janus, and it is from this stock that Sdr. Skovens Tor­na­do and Gold­en originate; two collection sires, which have been used, in particular, by the milk producers, be­cause they give small cal­ves.

The Belgian Blue bull Golden Sdr. Skovens Golden